Tiki Updates Tiki Spreadsheets

Jan 04, 2011

Tiki, developers of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, made a number of improvements to its Tiki Spreadsheets tool for the Tiki Wiki CMS. First introduced to the Tiki Wiki CMS in 2004, this latest version of Tiki Spreadsheets includes a variety of new features, as well as usability and performance improvements.

Included in Tiki 6.1, the new version of Tiki Spreadsheets includes the ability to fully use Tiki's wiki syntax in spreadsheets, advanced math functions, full cell and sheet formatting capabilities, data integration between spreadsheets and wiki pages, and copy/paste functionality between Tiki Spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel.

According to the company, additional improvements to Tiki Spreadsheets are planned for Tiki 7, scheduled to be released in April.