Tiki Continues 5.0 Beta, Adds Features

Apr 29, 2010


Tiki, creator of the open source TikiWiki CMS, is continuing beta testing its upcoming 5.0 release. The company also announced two new features for the platform: video and online collaboration. Community members are being invited to try out and explore the new features.

For its video features, Tiki turned to Kaltura, an open source, community supported online video and rich-media solution. Support for Kaltura was begun in Tiki 4 with the ability to configure Kaltura registration information within Tiki and a TikiWiki plugin to embed Kaltura media in a wiki page. Tiki also plans to add the ability to remix videos and control user access and permissions.

For collaboration, Tiki will utilize BigBlueButton, an open source, real-time collaboration tool featuring audio, video, screensharing, and chat components. Initial development includes single sign on from Tiki and an extension of Tiki permissions to create, join, and invite users to meetings. Additional integration is also planned for future development.