Thunderhead Launches New Version of Enterprise Communications Platform

May 25, 2007

Thunderhead, a provider of enterprise communications software, has launched Thunderhead v3.5. This latest release incorporates several new features designed to enhance Thunderhead's business usability, adding new reporting capabilities designed to improve management visibility into document-intensive business processes. In addition to the new management reporting module and numerous business usability enhancements, Thunderhead v3.5 delivers a template comparison utility and full support for internationalization. The product also incorporates several significant enhancements to Thunderhead's integration with enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) solution offerings.

Key features of Thunderhead v3.5 include: management reporting, which introduces a web-based reporting module that provides critical management information and statistics for document-intensive business operations. Thunderhead's new management reporting module provides critical insights into how organizations use their own communication templates; a template comparison, Thunderhead v3.5 includes a new utility that will allow the side-by-side comparison of Thunderhead templates, highlighting differences in both content and business logic between templates. This template comparison utility is designed to streamline template creation and management by enabling the review and approval of modifications; and internationalization where Thunderhead has fully internationalized its platform, allowing the entire product, including its interfaces and resources, to be fully translated into any language. With plans to expand its operations into continental Europe and Asia in 2007, Thunderhead expects to begin shipping non-English versions of its software later this year. The Thunderhead Enterprise Communications Platform 3.5 will be generally available in July 2007.