Thomson and Dialog Announce Enhanced Derwent World Patents Index

Dec 09, 2005

Thomson Scientific and Dialog have announced that the enhanced version of Derwent World Patents Index (DWPISM) will be available on the Dialog online service in quarter one, 2006. DWPI is a database of patent information and is provided by Thomson Scientific. The enhanced DWPI database (Files 350, 351, and 352 on Dialog) was designed to extend the content and functionality of the database and improve the ability of a searcher to find the patent records they need.

The file is being re-designed to accommodate the requirements of the International Patent Classification (IPC), Version 8, which enters into force January 1, 2006. As a result of the changes to the IPC classification, all DWPI records affected by the patent office reclassification will be updated on an ongoing basis and IPC fields will be added in the online file, allowing users to distinguish between original and re-classified IPC data. Also available will be 750,000 documentation abstracts in a text-searchable format. The enhanced file also will include new family member sub-sections, which include first-level data such as the original patent titles and abstracts, extra bibliographic data such as full names of inventors and associated addresses, patent assignee addresses, and patent agent information.

Thomson Gale, part of The Thomson Corporation, has announced the addition of more than 700 medical-related videos to its Health and Wellness Resource Center. This video library is a result of Thomson Gale's partnership with Healthology, Inc., a physician-founded health media company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of iVillage Inc.

Healthology video content covering over 60 therapeutic areas, such as oncology, rheumatology, neurology, and gastroenterology, will be available in early 2006 to Health and Wellness Resource Center subscribers at no additional cost. Videos run approximately four minutes in length and are designed to engage, entertain, and educate in news magazine formats. All content is developed through a review process consisting of both internal and external medical or expert review. Each video features biographies of the participants, which can include physicians, scientists, nurses, nutritionists, and fitness trainers along with patients, caregivers, and advocates. Full transcripts for each video, along with a library of text resources, also will be available as part of this new Healthology offering. New content will be added each week. Health and Wellness Resource Center is Thomson Gale's electronic resource center for all levels of health research. It features health and medical encyclopedias, journals and pamphlets, articles form general-interest publications, instant access to health Web sites and video.