Thomson Scientific Releases DialogClassic Web

Feb 20, 2007

Thomson Scientific, part of The Thomson Corporation and provider of information solutions to the worldwide research and business communities, has announced that Dialog has released a new version of DialogClassic Web. DialogClassic Web is a browser-based search tool providing access to the more than 600 informational databases in the Dialog content collection, covering subject areas such as business information and news, engineering and technology, market research, intellectual property, pharmaceutical, life sciences, energy, and the environment.

The latest release of DialogClassic Web offers a number of features, including: advanced post-processing options designed to make results easier to use, review, edit, analyze, and distribute. Pre-made templates turn search results into formatted reports ready for immediate distribution in Microsoft Word or Excel; an updated graphical interface with menu icons for common tasks; fill-in-the-blanks forms for editing and revising SearchSaves, Alerts, and other stored data; links to full text journal articles and other documents are supported including Dialog eLinks, and document images for D&B Company Reports, NTIS Technical Reports, and Investext Broker/Analyst Reports.

Other features in the new DialogClassic Web include: 30-day history of all Dialog search activity, including document downloads; create and edit a search strategy in the Type-ahead buffer before running it; the ability to enter command statements up to 2,000 characters long; the ability to load saved search strategies from a file on a computer; the ability to save search results in Word, HTML, Text, or Adobe PDF formats; and new XML, HTML, and TEXT commands are designed to enable output in these formats for integration into other applications.