Thomson Scientific Announces Suite of Authorship Tools

Jun 09, 2006

Thomson Scientific, a business of The Thomson Corporation and provider of research and development information solutions to the worldwide scientific community, has announced a suite of authorship search tools to find and assess authors' works. Thomson Scientific will roll out this initiative beginning July through the end of 2006.

These new tools can help researchers find their own works, or those of a colleague, in a single search. Then, they can analyze and report on these works using the tools available in the ISI Web of Knowledge. The suite of Thomson authorship tools in development for ISI Web of Knowledge includes: Author Finder, which can help users find papers published by a specific author by leveraging the indexing within the ISI Web of Knowledge. Users enter a name, then choose from a list of name variants and match the results with subject category and/or institution of the author for whose works they are searching to retrieve works specific to a particular author; Author Disambiguation, where all of the elements in the indexed records and the citation relationships have been combined with mathematical techniques to organize all records in Web of Science by "authorships"--groups of papers by the same author; Biographical and Bibliographical Information for Highly Cited Authors; and Processing Author Full Names, processing centers capture full author names for all records that contain them.