Thomson Reuters Expands Content in Middle East

Apr 28, 2009

Thomson Reuters announced that it has teamed up with ITWorx, a global software professional services organization, to bring market news and information online to financial clients. Financial professionals in the Middle East and Africa will have access to real-time market information including proprietary Thomson Reuters content through portals developed by ITWorx. As part of the agreement, financial market professionals will have online access to business intelligence reports, market-moving developments, company fundamentals, consensus estimates, market data, real-time news, and analytics. Using Reuters Knowledge Direct, ITWorx and Thomson Reuters will provide system integration and services to bring financial and other corporate market data and news online onto ITWorx-developed portals. ITWorx’s technology will bring Thomson Reuters financial content and data to banks, advisors, corporations and other financial institutions, across the region including Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.