Thomson Releases New Version of Reports; Thomson Gale Announces

Jun 24, 2005

Thomson Scientific has announced that the soon-to-be-released JCR version 4.0 will offer analytical capabilities beyond the journal level to include the category level. Data at the category level provides performance metrics that can be used to understand the journal content, and analyses that show the citation dynamics common to a large collection of articles and journals in a subject.

The resulting data is designed to deliver a simple framework for evaluating the performance of scholarly journals, by enhancing the metrics. The enhancements are intended to allow JCR to be a tool that librarians and information professionals can use to identify trends in journals coverage, making it easier to manage collections. JCR version 4.0 will offer a new Related Journals list. The Related Journals list measures the concentration of citations between two journals or between a journal and a category-revealing closely related, interrelated titles. Researchers can use the list to identify journals they may want to consider reading or publishing their own articles. Librarians can build collections that include relevant journals in a particular area. And publishers will be able to spot competitor journals and effective advertising opportunities.

Thomson Gale has announced a, which is its library advocacy initiative designed to help libraries capitalize on Internet search engines as a means of connecting library users with authoritative content. This initiative is intended to increase peoples' awareness and usage of the library resources users are entitled to and at the same time provide them with direct access to more information through Internet search.

With the launch of, Thomson Gale has enabled its content to be crawled and indexed by major search engines such as Yahoo! and Google. In doing so, Thomson Gale is not only its content resources visible to a broader universe of information seekers, but is also believes it will help highlight the critical role libraries play as providers of quality information. Once desired content has been identified and made visible through the search engine's results, it becomes available through if the searcher is an authorized user of a library that subscribes to that content.

Thomson Gale has released as a beta program, which includes thousands of libraries that will enable their authenticated users to gain access to millions of documents from Thomson Gale's product lines. There are no additional setup requirements for libraries in the beta program. With, when searchers select a Thomson Gale article from a search engine's result list, they will be given the option to connect to their local library and freely access the selected article. Users will need to have their library card number or other identification to connect to the library. The library's address and phone number will also be provided so that users can contact their library to obtain a card or to learn more about the library's resources.

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