Thomson Learning Selects North Plains Systems' Telescope Enterprise

Jan 06, 2004

North Plains Systems Corp., a provider of enterprise digital asset management (E-DAM) solutions, has announced that Thomson Learning, an educational publisher, has deployed TeleScope as its enterprise digital asset management solution. North Plains Systems began the multi-business unit deployment in April 2003. The multi-business unit deployment of TeleScope is part of the Global Production & Manufacturing group's overall content & asset management initiative. TeleScope Enterprise is being used to support two workflows as part of this initiative--pre-production of new International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) and the archive management of existing ISBNs. TeleScope supports the pre-production workflow by enabling Thomson Learning to use a single, internal source to store, manage, and retrieve media independent assets; to repurpose, reuse, and re-express assets and to integrate with Thomson's own rights management and permissions systems. The deployment will continue to additional business units throughout 2004.

Until recently, Thomson Learning's archive management was a manual process handled by an outside vendor. Each time a book was submitted for archival or was requested for retrieval, Thomson Learning incurred fees. With the implementation of TeleScope, an archive distribution portal based on TeleScope.web, was created in an effort to enable Thomson Learning to manage the submission and distribution of archive assets, reduce fulfillment times, and eliminate fees associated with archive submission and retrieval. TeleScope Enterprise's Order Processing module was implemented to handle the ordering of entire ISBNs, including the processing, approvals, tracking, and fulfillment of all orders. A key wording strategy that includes over 250,000 terms with varying levels uses TeleScope's Lookup Broker functionality, enabling users to search on approved terms and use them as part of the metadata for the asset. The archive distribution portal will be used by all business units within Thomson Learning.

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