Thomson Launches Media Asset Management Service

Aug 01, 2003

Thomson, a consumer electronics and media services company, has launched its Technicolor Media Asset Management (MAM) service offering in an effort to provide content owners and network operators with the digital building blocks necessary to manage data. The new service, leveraging both in-house Thomson knowledge and a content management system from IBM and its strategic partner Ancept, provides an integrated platform for the digital storage, management, access, processing, and distribution of entertainment content.

By creating a Digital Master file for content (feature film, broadcast, cable, commercial advertising, studio theatrical trailers, visual effect shots, etc.) and storing all associated elements (audio tracks, formatting instructions, metadata, and editorial decisions), Technicolor MAM is designed to efficiently create, manage, and re-create all versions derived from that title with consistent quality. The system further allows Technicolor's customers to place processing and fulfillment orders on-line after reviewing information about the specific content they need. Components of the Technicolor MAM service offering include: asset storage, asset management, user access, content processing, and content distribution.