Thomson Integrates Derwent World Patents Index Data into End-User Workflows

Dec 03, 2004

The Thomson Corporation has announced that customers can now leverage Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) data, along with full-text patent office data, in their intellectual property workflows through enhancements made to Delphion productivity and analysis tools. A new development is inclusion of DWPI records in Work Files, personalized lists of patents that can be shared and annotated, in an effort to enable groups of users to collaborate on research findings. In addition to enhanced patent titles and abstracts written in English, DWPI data gives researchers the ability to view only one record per invention, eliminating the duplication created by multiple patent publications.

In addition to Work Files, users can now explore DWPI data through: Data Extract for export of key bibliographic fields--DWPI data can be combined with original patent office data in a format specifically designed for Derwent Analytics; a new Derwent Analytics filter for DWPI data exported from Delphion is available in conjunction with the release of these Delphion enhancements. Snapshot, with online analysis using bar charts combining DWPI and patent office fields. Clustering, which provides keyword-based linguistic analysis. PDF Express for bulk download of up to 500 PDFs of original patent documents, using the Basic record for DWPI results.