Thomson Gale Publishes the Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer

Sep 20, 2005

Thomson Gale, part of The Thomson Corporation, has announced the release of the second edition of The Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer: A Guide to Cancer and Its Treatment--its first major update since its original publication in 2002. This new resource surveys and addresses many cancer types and treatment options. Reviewed by an editorial board of medical professionals, the second edition of The Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer reflects changes in the world of cancer research since 2002, and explores as many as 120 cancers --as well as cancer drugs, traditional and alternative treatments, and diagnostic procedures.

This 2-volume set includes approximately 500 standardized entries with articles ranging from 500 to 4,000 words--covering the entire range of topics related to causes and symptoms, definition, description, diagnosis, prevention, resources, risks, special concerns and much more. This edition also features anatomical illustrations, definitions of key medical terms within each entry, an expanded, 3-level index, approximately 200 full-color photographs and drawings and A-Z lists of cancer centers, nationwide support groups, government agencies and research groups. Also new to this edition is its availability in eBook format through the Gale Virtual Reference Library.