Thomson Gale Launches New Reference Website

Apr 10, 2007

Thomson Gale, a provider of electronic research and educational solutions, has launched WiseTo Social Issues, a new reference website dedicated to exploring divisive topics.

Available at, WiseTo Social Issues provides a balanced look at all sides of social issues and current events, including professionally written information on more than 100 subjects. Everyone, including students of all levels, professionals, water cooler debaters, and the generally curious, have access to unbiased and authoritative information on the socially charged issues that divide us. From abortion to capital punishment, euthanasia to the war in Iraq, and global warming to gun control, current information on controversial topics is available and open for exploration at WiseTo Social Issues. Each of the more than 100 main topics includes free content, including a definition; summary overview; fast facts; points-of-view essays for each position (e.g. pro, con and neutral); statistics organized into helpful graphs, charts or tables; and current news articles. Users also have the ability to purchase a premium Expert Pass for each of the topics that contains even more in-depth coverage of an issue, including an extended-length overview; additional and extended-length points-of-view essays from experts; more comprehensive statistics; and additional news coverage.

In addition, WiseTo Social Issues provides links to Thomson Gale's library advocacy website, AccessMyLibrary, through which consumers have full access to the entire suite of Thomson Gale databases their library has licensed on their behalf.