Thomson Gale Introduces Nineteenth Century Collections Online

Dec 07, 2004

Thomson Gale, a part of The Thomson Corporation, has announced the launch of the Nineteenth Century Collections Online project. Nineteenth Century Collections Online follows Eighteenth Century Collections Online, which allows full-text searching of more than 150,000 printed works and editions - most of the original accessible English-language books published in England in the 18th Century. Nineteenth Century Collections Online will consist of books, newspapers, periodicals, manuscripts, and ephemera. Thomson Gale will continue to provide digital facsimile images and full-text searching in its delivery platforms. Nineteenth Century Collections Online is expected to be fully cross-searchable with Eighteenth Century Collections Online.

Some materials to be included in the Nineteenth Century Collections Online suite are: The Times Digital Archive, 1785-1985 (currently available). The Making of Modern Law--a fully searchable database of full-text Anglo-American legal treatises that cover the period of legal development during the 19th century (currently available). The Making of the Modern Economy--the online, full-text version of The Goldsmiths'-Kress Library of Economic Literature 1450-1850, based on the holdings of Senate House Library, London, and the Harvard Business School library, consisting of almost 12 million searchable pages (coming in spring 2005). Nineteenth Century British Periodicals--a new collection creating a library of United Kingdom literary and general interest periodicals, 1789-1914, selected by subject experts on both sides of the Atlantic (available late 2005). American Fiction, 1774-1910--an online edition based on Lyle H. Wright's American Fiction: A Contribution Towards a Bibliography and the Library of Congress Shelf List of American Adult Fiction. Nineteenth Century Printed Books--75,000 titles and editions will be added annually in thematic collections, drawn from holdings in the United Kingdom and elsewhere (coming in spring 2006). Historical Newspapers--more than 200 United States and United Kingdom newspaper titles of the 19th Century will be digitized into searchable facsimile pages and articles, replicating Thomson Gale's Times Digital Archive (coming in spring 2006).