Thomson Gale Announces Product Enhancements

Apr 27, 2004

Thomson Gale, part of The Thomson Corporation, has announced extended access, updated features, and additional topic to a number of its products.

Testing & Education Reference Center now offers unlimited simultaneous use and tests to subscribers. The database is designed to help users prepare for higher education and the work world in a variety of ways. Testing & Education Reference Center includes information on private high schools, undergraduate and graduate programs, and executive education programs, searchable by location, major, tuition, sports, and more. It also features interactive online practice tests for preparatory examinations including entrance exams and certification and licensing tests, such as ACT, GED, GMAT CAT, SAT, and more. All current customers will automatically be switched to unlimited usage and tests.  

New people will appear more frequently in "Spotlight On...," the Biography Resource Center's home page feature. Included will be individuals associated with a particular month, such as Women's History Month, as well as people in the news. The "Spotlight On...Archive" has been redesigned in an effort to improve retrieval of biographies on people who previously appeared in this feature. Names in the "Spotlight On...Archive" are listed in reverse chronological order by year, and alphabetically within each year. Nearly 37,000 more descriptors have been added to the Biography Resource Center; users will now see even more descriptors like "(American golfer, 1975), "(Russian composer, 1923-1964)," and even "(American witch, 1621-1692)' to help narrow their searches.

For research in social science, Thomson Gale now offers access to Sociometrics' Social Science Electronic Data Library (SSEDL) in public and academic libraries around the world.  SSEDL contains health, social, and behavioral research studies for researchers, educators, and students seeking social science research for secondary analysis.  

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