Thomson Financial Releases Thomson Equity ONE to CNBC Cable Network

Jan 28, 2003

Thomson Financial, provider of information and technology solutions to the financial community, has announced the release of Thomson Equity ONE, a component of its Thomson ONE solution suite, to 200 desktops at CNBC. Thomson Equity ONE has been tailored to the specifications of CNBC Business News, including a separate component that provides direct access to exchange information, both fundamental and historical, from over 100 exchanges worldwide, to drive on-air analytics. Thomson Equity ONE is providing CNBC-TV's on-air journalists, editorial staff, and behind-the-scenes researchers with access to suites of market data drawn from across Thomson Financial, including real-time stock quotes, news, market statistics, rankings, global indices, and time and sales data. In addition, Thomson is providing real-time streaming North American equity data feeds for CNBC's on-air Ticker display. Thomson Equity ONE is a component of Thomson ONE, a six-product solution suite recently developed by Thomson Financial. Each component within the solution suite is tailored to a different audience: Thomson Equity One is aimed at the institutional equities market; Thomson Advisor ONE offers financial advisors wealth management integrated with market data. Thomson Financial will launch Thomson Banker ONE for the investment banking market next month, followed by Thomson Yield ONE for fixed income users early in 2003. Investment management and investor relations product suites will be introduced later in the year. Thomson ONE is available in thick and thin client versions. Thomson ONE's integrated architecture is based on standard languages and tools such as C++, Java, XML, HTML and ActiveX.  Entire content suites or only parts of products can be taken from Thomson--such as ILX, AutEx, First Call, DataStream, Worldscope and SDC Platinum--and combined with the customer's own proprietary and third party sources.

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