Thomson Financial Integrates Video, Audio, and Flash in New Platform

Mar 09, 2007

Thomson Financial, an operating unit of The Thomson Corporation and provider of information and technology solutions to the worldwide financial community, has launched Thomson iShowcase, an on-demand communication platform that integrates video, audio and Flash, designed to enable clients to deliver their message in an interactive manner.

Thomson iShowcase can be customized to incorporate the client's branding, supporting materials such as slides and presentations, as well as animation to reinforce the setting and messages the client is communicating. The client needs to supply a script, the corresponding graphics, any supporting documentation, and the presenters who will be speaking to the audience. Thomson's production team will turn the script into a storyboard, film the presenters in front of a "green screen", and incorporate the required animation, graphics, and documents. Because Thomson iShowcase is an on-demand solution, it allows viewers to access the presentation at their leisure, regardless of time zone.