Thomson Financial Announces Partnership with Alacra, Inc.

Jun 13, 2003

Thomson Financial, an operating unit of the Thomson Corporation and provider of information and technology solutions to the financial community, has announced a partnership with Alacra, Inc., a provider of Public Information Book (PIB) building solutions, to deliver its PIB generator, Alacra Book, via Thomson ONE Banker. It is expected that Alacra Book will be integrated into Thomson ONE Banker early in the third quarter. Alacra Book is a Web-based publishing platform that facilitates the collection and packaging of business information from multiple sources into a single PDF document. The combined content and technologies of Alacra Book and Thomson ONE Banker will shorten the time spent researching and formatting formerly required to produce the PIBs that investment banks use for detailed analysis of a target company or prospective client. Using Thomson ONE Banker, investment bankers will be able to choose Alacra Book as an add-on workflow tool to build custom Public Information Books from a multitude of third party and proprietary sources. Current users of Alacra Book will experience the same customized interface with which they are accustomed to working. Thomson ONE Banker can be accessed via two platforms: a browser-based solution and a desktop solution. Using the Thomson ONE Banker browser-based solution, users can click on the Alacra Book icon and a PIB generator will launch in a separate window. Using the Thomson ONE Banker desktop solution in the workstation version, Alacra Book will launch as a window within the Thomson ONE framework. Thomson ONE Banker is a component of Thomson ONE, an open application framework that allows for the integration and distribution of Thomson products, third party, and proprietary products onto one convenient platform. Each component within the solution suite is tailored to a different audience: Thomson ONE Equity is aimed at the institutional equities market; Thomson ONE Advisor offers financial advisors a wealth management solution integrated with market data; Thomson ONE Banker is aimed at the investment banking market. Thomson Financial will also launch Thomson ONE Yield for fixed income users early in 2003. Investment management and investor relations product suites will be introduced later in the year.

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