Thomson Derwent Launches Patent ProfilesNet

Apr 18, 2003

Thomson Derwent has announced the launch of Patent ProfilesNet a new Web-based patent alerting service that provides alerts based on original patent documents from patent offices worldwide. Presented in HTML format and delivered within days of publication, records consist of the patent's bibliographic data, main claim, abstract, and most important drawing. Patent ProfilesNet also links to the full patent documents in PDF format. To initialize access and establish a user profile, customers first consult with one of the Derwent patent experts. This process is designed to guarantee profiles meet each user's specific requirements and that the most relevant alerts are delivered. Users have the option of receiving alerts weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Up to six months of alerts can be archived on the Patent ProfilesNet server, allowing users to track and report on usage through the statistics screen. Additional Patent ProfilesNet features include: screen optimized layout; zoomable drawing; user-friendly navigation; printing and forwarding capability; and an online help system. A free trial of Patent ProfilesNet is available online.

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