Thomson Derwent Introduces Derwent Web of Nanotechnology

Jan 17, 2003

Thomson Derwent has announced the development of Derwent Web of Nanotechnology, a Web-based patent resource that delivers up-to-the-minute Nanotechnology-related patent records from Derwent, journal literature from Thomson ISI, and editorially evaluated Web sites. Derwent Web of Nanotechnology houses 35,000 patent records from the Derwent World Patents Index (10,000 added per year) and more than 185,000 journal records from ISI Web of Science (25,000 added per year). With Derwent Web of Nanotechnology organizations can protect their intellectual property; avoid intellectual property infringement litigation; demonstrate the uniqueness of a new invention; conduct research for product development; perform competitive analysis; and increase revenue by pursuing licensing opportunities. In addition, Derwent Web of Nanotechnology is equipped with a variety of search options as well as an alerts feature to keep users apprised of the latest developments in Nanotechnology research. Derwent Web of Nanotechnology is available via individual or multi-user subscription. Trial subscriptions are available upon request.

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