Thomson Delphion Extends CHI Research Partnership

Jan 27, 2004

Thomson Delphion has extended its partnership with CHI Research, Inc. and added European corporate hierarchy data to its existing US data in an effort to enable customers to get more complete search results and more thorough analysis of European patent data. Delphion leverages corporate hierarchy data to standardize corporate names and incorporate merger and acquisition activity, in an effort to allow users to find all patents from a corporate entity, even when names are misspelled. As a result of this enhancement, the Delphion coverage of corporate hierarchy data now includes 1,900 patent holders representing 45,000 separate entities.


Delphion leverages CHI Research's corporate hierarchy in two of its features: Corporate Tree and Snapshot. Corporate Tree helps customers find US and European patents and applications by assignee name by helping end the confusion caused by mergers and acquisitions and the many different ways an assignee's name can be represented on a patent document. Snapshot summarizes key elements of patent data and creates bar charts. Using corporate hierarchy data further qualified as Unified Company, Parent Company, or Ultimate Company, summaries can be created by normalized corporate names enabling more meaningful assignee analysis.  


CHI Research, Inc. is a research consultancy specializing in the development and analysis of technology, science, and financial indicators. As part of Thomson, Delphion is an Internet-based service for researching and analyzing patents and related intellectual property information on a worldwide basis. With Delphion, business professionals can search patent collections, including those of the U.S., Europe, Japan, and World Intellectual Property Organization; leverage productivity tools to analyze and track market developments and competitive activities; and view, download, and print patent images.  

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