Thomson Announces New Tool; New Index

Dec 02, 2005

Thomson Scientific and Thomson ResearchSoft have announced the development of EndNote Web, a Web-based bibliographic tool for managing and citing references. Annual EndNote Web subscriptions support a wide variety of users on campus--from students writing papers to faculty publishing in scholarly journals.

EndNote Web provides a range of bibliographic management on the Web. Users can import and edit references via a personal Web account and use these references to cite in papers and create bibliographies. EndNote Web searches ISI Web of Knowledge, PubMed and online library catalogs to help users build their personal reference collections. EndNote Web includes integration for ISI Web of Knowledge subscribers with links to "Times Cited" and related records, giving users access to information on a reference article. Each EndNote Web library can store thousands of records and create bibliographies in over 1,300 publishing styles. The Cite While You Write technology is available as an optional plug-in for anyone using Microsoft Word to create bibliographies.

EndNote Web is available as a standalone subscription or in combination with EndNote and ISI Web of Knowledge. The ISI Web of Knowledge introduces a personalization option with direct access to EndNote Web and EndNote Web Express, a resource available at no charge to ISI Web of Knowledge subscribers. EndNote Web Express allows users to store selected references in folders as well as import references from other sources including PubMed and the Library of Congress.

Also, Thomson Scientific has announced the launch of Web Citation Index--the multidisciplinary citation index of scholarly content from institutional and subject-based repositories. Web Citation Index provides users with a citation-based discovery vehicle for preprints, technical reports, dissertations, proceedings, and other gray literature. It is the result of a collaborative program between Thomson Scientific, NEC Laboratories America (NEC), and seven institutions. Web Citation Index adds Cited Reference Searching to Web-based documents, allowing researchers to navigate forward, backward and through the literature to discover related research. It does this by incorporating ISI Web of Knowledge capabilities with a suite of technologies developed by NEC, including "autonomous citation indexing" tools from the CiteSeer environment. Special software harvests OAI-compliant metadata from the repositories and combines it with full document indexes. The software also collects the citations within the document and links it to the cited document.