Thomas Technology Solutions, Inc. Produces ABMS Directory for Elsevier

Sep 16, 2003

Thomas Technology Solutions, Inc. (ThomasTech), a software and systems integrator, has completed production of Elsevier's Official ABMS Directory of Board Certified Medical Specialists, 35th Edition, as well as a searchable CD-ROM version of the 12,000-page directory.

The ABMS Directory is a resource for professionals in the credentialing and reference markets who verify physician specialty certifications, research specialists' professional and biographical information, find specialists for medical testimony, and identify qualified prospects for department openings. This information is updated continuously, with more than 500,000 questionnaires being mailed annually to request updates from the specialists.

In addition to providing directory production capabilities, ThomasTech worked with Elsevier to produce and process the 500,000 questionnaires. ThomasTech converted the database information of previous editions from an XML file into XPP from XyEnterprise, produced the questionnaires and developed a custom program that determined which of the cover letter templates to use based on the information from the database.

ThomasTech developed an electronic workflow process for the production of Elsevier's ABMS Directory, from the conversion of the database extract through final PDF files delivered to the printer. XML content was used to compose the directory pages and create PDF files that were posted to an FTP site. Elsevier edited, reviewed, approved, and re-posted the files.

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