Thieme and FIZ Karlsruhe Offer Pharmaceutical Database

Jun 11, 2004

Pharmaceutical Substances (PS), Thieme's online database for pharmaceutical ingredients, is now offered by FIZ Karlsruhe via STN International (The Scientific and Technical Information Network), an online service in science and technology. PS (produced by Georg Thieme Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany) is designed to be a complete reference guide to every pharmaceutical compound of significance. It provides a compendium of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API's) and reaction schemes of interest to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. PS is a resource for anybody involved in the design, discovery, development, and evaluation of drugs. PS was initially offered by Thieme as a printed version in one, later two volumes (Pharmaceutical Substances. Syntheses, Patents, Applications) and is now also available electronically.

The new database PS on STN contains the same data available in Thieme's electronic version. For each active pharmaceutical ingredient, reaction schemes for the most important ways of synthesis are available. Starting substances, intermediates and active ingredients are structure-searchable. Reactants and products are structure-searchable with a single reaction query. Included in the database are all compounds approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, as well as commercially successful ingredients or those judged to have great commercial potential. PS is updated twice a year with approx. 50 new ingredients.

A non-profit scientific service institution, FIZ Karlsruhe is the European service center of STN International, an online service for sci-tech information. The STN version is intended to make information on pharmaceutical substances available to searchers in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The databases on STN can be accessed by dialing in to STN's online service using its proprietary client software, STN Express with Discover!, or it can be accessed directly over the Internet using a standard Web browser.

The Thieme publishing group is a German enterprise in the media and specialist information sector, focusing on medicine. Besides books and scientific journals, Thieme offers offline and online media as well as direct information such as congresses and seminars. The Thieme publishing group and FIZ Karlsruhe are jointly working on different projects.