Launches Social Buying and Selling Music Site

Jul 15, 2010 launched a new feature on its site that lets independent music fans tag and sell their favorite music through Twitter, Facebook, bebo, and MySpace. The feature is designed to give independent bands the opportunity to take advantage of social networking to expand sales for their music.

The social buying and selling feature is an addition to's Frindie application, which launched in April. Frindie helps users with like-minded tastes in music connect with each other, while also giving bands access to an online audience of fans. Users can purchase music directly through the profiles of their friends.

Independent musicians, labels, and bands can sign up with the service to make their music available for sale. Bands can opt for a flat fee of $149 plus a 15% cut of each song sold, as well as $7.95 per song or $19.95 per three songs, with a 30% fee per song.