The Weather Channel Offers Subscription Desktop Application

Aug 19, 2003

The Weather Channel has announced the launch of Desktop Weather Platinum, a product that allows weather details, including the current temperature for any location, to be presented through the user's system tray. Users have the ability to customize Desktop Weather Platinum to suit their individual needs, including adjusting the size and shape of the application. For example, subscribers can shrink the application to fit the right side or top of their screen. This small toolbar design allows scrolling weather alerts, current conditions and an extended forecast to remain visible at all times. The product also offers several seasonal and weather-related background options from which users can select.

Desktop Weather Platinum includes a new personalized radar feature that is updated every five minutes and allows users to center the maps on their selected location and plot additional locations to see if approaching storms will impact them. Users can also zoom in and out of the radar maps and create an animation of the weather's movement. In addition, Desktop Weather Platinum provides a scrolling severe weather alert feature. Users can determine how often they want to view these alerts and also have the option to have a thunderclap sound accompany each warning.

Subscribers can also set their favorite locations and can switch between cities. For the selected city, the application delivers current conditions, 5-day and 10-day forecasts, hour-by-hour forecasts and averages and records for 80,000 locations worldwide in addition to features such as "Feels like" temperature, sunrise and sunset information, chance of precipitation, visibility, UV Index, dew point and more. Desktop Weather Platinum is available, for an annual subscription fee of $29.99, by registering at New subscribers will receive a seven-day free trial.