The Wall Street Journal Online to Make Site Free For Five Days

Oct 26, 2004

The Wall Street Journal Online at, a paid subscription news site, has announced that for the first time in seven years, it will make the site free to nonsubscribers for a trial period in an effort to drive new subscriptions. The site plans to offer an Open House for a work week of five consecutive days, Nov. 8 to 12. During that time, nonsubscribers will be able to access the entire site and sample its features with no subscription or registration required. The annual subscription price is $79, while print Journal subscribers pay a discounted $39 price. Several advertisers will sponsor different days of the Open House.

The Open House offers nonsubscribers an opportunity to access the Online Journal's online-only features and editorial content such as: interactive graphics and feature articles; online columns and discussions, including online polls and roundtables, from some of the Journal's writers, including: Scott McCartney, David Wessel and Joseph B. White; online-only personal finance columns by Online Journal writer Terri Cullen; personal finance tools, such as money work sheets, calculators and rate centers that assist in managing finances in the Personal Journal section; the content of the global Wall Street Journal, including The Wall Street Journal Europe and The Asian Wall Street Journal; research on U.S. public companies, including earnings data, historical stock quotes, executive biographies, insider holdings and transactions, and live audio from analysts' conference calls; and thirty days of Journal archives not available on the free Web.