The Wall Street Journal Online and Summus Launch "The Wall Street Journal Mobile"

Dec 03, 2004

The Wall Street Journal Online at, a paid subscription news site, and Summus, Inc., a provider of mobile media applications, have announced the launch of a new mobile edition of The Wall Street Journal Online. Developed by Summus, "The Wall Street Journal Mobile" is intended to provide up-to-the-minute business and financial news from the Online Journal, along with market, stock, and commodities data, plus personalized portfolio information-directly to a cell phone. "The Wall Street Journal Mobile" will be available via most major U.S. wireless carriers beginning in early 2005 for a monthly subscription price of $3.99, billed by the carrier. "The Wall Street Journal Mobile" will be available on both BREW and Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) platforms, and the application will be downloadable to phones from the carriers' wireless application catalogs.

The Online Journal offers two industry-specific editions: the Health Industry Edition and the Media & Marketing Edition. The Health Industry Edition offers analysis, breaking news, and commentary from industry journalists. The Media & Marketing Edition is designed for professionals in the advertising, marketing, entertainment, and media industries. Subscribers to both online editions also get access to the full content of the Online Journal. The Wall Street Journal Online network includes,,, and