The Wall Street Journal Online Targets Ads to Subscriber's Interests

Jun 20, 2003

The Wall Street Journal Online announced that it now can target specific advertisements to individual subscribers based on their site-usage characteristics. Using Interest-Based Targeting, Online Journal advertisers can find their target audience among subscribers who have shown an interest in a particular area of news coverage. Advertisers can then show relevant ad impressions to enthusiasts in both sections of direct interest as well as in other relevant areas. As a result, the target audience can be exposed to a message sequentially over a predetermined period of time, allowing marketers to more consistently target the right audience and achieve their communication objectives. Interest-Based Targeting, powered by Revenue Science Inc.'s Switched-On Audience Select revenue maximization service, complements existing targeting technologies, such as demographic and contextual targeting. The Interest-Based Targeting model combines standard Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) formats with unique data analysis and customer intelligence technology to create an optimum brand-building environment. Interest-Based Targeting is available across all of the Online Journal's sites.