The Wall Street Journal Online Delivers Via AIM

Jun 24, 2003

The Wall Street Journal Online has launched a new feature on AOL Instant Messenger that allows you to get news using a real-time tool. By sending an instant message to screen name "WSJOnline," you can read continually updated summaries of U.S. and global business news, and get updates on the markets and the technology sector. You can also access stock quotes, get headlines on companies, and more. Links take you back to the Online Journal Web site so you can get full news and company research. If you already have AOL Instant Messenger, you can try out this feature by sending an instant message to screen name WSJOnline. Or, cut and paste the following command into the address window of your browser, which will launch AOL Instant Messenger, then hit "Send": aim:goim?screenname=WSJOnline&message=Hi. From there, follow the instructions to get news, company headlines, stock quotes, and other information. Once you've tried it, just add WSJOnline to your Buddy List for access, and send it a message anytime you want news. The free AOL Instant Messenger can be downloaded from: Once AOL Instant Messenger has been downloaded, follow the instructions above to start reading Online Journal news.