The San Diego Union-Tribune Uses Hitbox Web Analytics

Jan 24, 2003

WebSideStory, Inc. has announced that, the online news and information site for The San Diego Union-Tribune, has doubled the number of monthly unique visitors and increased advertising revenues by more than 50% since implementing its HitBox service two years ago. uses WebSideStory's flagship marketing analytics service, HitBox Enterprise, to get information on how visitors are navigating its site. Before using HitBox, attracted roughly 500,000 monthly unique visitors. Today, the site's traffic has more than doubled to an audited figure of more than one million visitors every month. HitBox Enterprise is an outsourced Web analytics service, providing detailed, real-time information about online visitor and customer behavior. The service is designed to help companies optimize their online marketing ROI, pinpoint revenue-enhancing opportunities, improve customer support, enhance visitor loyalty, and increase sales. HitBox requires no hardware or software investment. All the information is collected in real time and made available on demand through a Web-browser interface. uses HitBox to: improve breaking news coverage; pinpoint targeted sales opportunities; provide more accurate numbers to advertisers; and track marketing activity effectiveness.

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