The Ottawa Hospital Deploys Verity LiquidOffice

May 14, 2004

Verity Inc. has announced that The Ottawa Hospital (TOH), a Canadian healthcare facility, has deployed Verity LiquidOffice, a Web-based business process automation solution on its intranet in an effort to improve the efficiency and productivity of employees who review, handle, and process many types of forms in performing their duties. Verity partner and systems integrator MedSeek facilitated the implementation of this Web-based eHealth solution. Verity LiquidOffice had been branded Cardiff LiquidOffice prior to its acquisition by Verity in February 2004.

Through the use of Verity LiquidOffice, which will allow most of the hospital's forms to be put online, TOH hopes to remove the costly duplication process, making paper copies of paper forms. Among the forms now implemented are an internal transfer request for a new position, change of address form, supply requisition, and IT hardware/software requests. An employee cannot move the form along the process without complete, accurate information entered on the eForm. Several of the eForms, such as the internal transfer request, will pre-populate fields based on the user's ID. The LiquidOffice-powered eForms system has been deployed across the entire healthcare center.

Other benefits TOH expects to realize with its Verity-Medseek solution are: less time to locate forms with the creation of an online central repository; use of up-to-date forms through an eForm update process; reduced cost for forms printing, distribution, and shipping; decreased turnaround time throughout process; knowledge-sharing on status of requests via forms tracking mechanism; and easier compliance with reporting requirements with an online repository of completed forms.

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