The New York Times Offers Group Digital Subscriptions

Nov 21, 2011

The New York Times plans to extend its all-access tablet and smartphone digital subscriptions to companies and organizations with more than 50 employees, according to paidConent. NYT offers a self-management tool so a company can assign, delete, and substitute access to individual employees.

The rates will be determined by the number of individuals a company or organization adds. NYT charges $35 for complete monthly access to its website, smartphone, and tablet content; $15 a month for the site and smartphone access; and $20 a month for the site and tablet only. Print subscribers also get the option of free digital access.

Individuals who receive digital access within a group subscription will not have the same level of access as those who pay for it themselves. Print and all-access digital subscribers have been able to share their mobile and website subscriptions with family members; that option is not available to those enrolled in the group discount.