The Media Trust Announces the Release of Digital Threat Intelligence

Dec 03, 2015

The Media Trust, a leader in monitoring and protecting the online and mobile advertising ecosystem, announced the release of Digital Threat Intelligence (DTI), a real-time threat intelligence feed consisting of information on actual malware attacking websites and internet users via compromised ad tags, and any third-party code used to render websites. DTI's intelligence is generated entirely from The Media Trust's own proprietary ad tag and website monitoring service, which scans and analyzes the website source code, ad tags, third-party domains and any external calls executing on the world's largest, most heavily trafficked digital properties for anomalous, suspicious, or malicious activity.

To obtain DTI's threat information, The Media Trust uses a wide variety of online and mobile browsers/OS, device, geography and user behavior profile combinations to scan and analyze millions of websites, including 25,000 of the world's most heavily trafficked sites, and more than 10 million digital ad tags each day, The Media Trust also conducts comprehensive "scanning in the wild." With this approach, The Media Trust says it identifies new malware vectors every 60 seconds or less.

Accessed through API or The Media Trust's web-based interface, DTI provides more than 10 critical data points on every threat vector detected. These data points-which include IP address, full URL, referring domain, browser/OS attacked, compromised element-provide the information needed to prevent the suspicious or malicious code from attacking clients' digital properties. If needed, clients can use the system-generated incident ID to request more details regarding the malware's origins from The Media Trust's malware experts, who are available 24/7. In addition, DTI can be integrated with any network monitoring/blocking system or third-party SIEM to enable real-time blocking of the compromised code.