The Liquid Group Announces New Search System, New Version

Jul 26, 2005

The Liquid Information Research Group has announced its new search system, which uses hyperwords. Users point to a word (or a selection of words) and a menu appears. This menu features a series of options to change the view of the information on the page, to refer to other information, to copy information to the users computer, to blog about the information, etc.

For example, if the user chooses the 'Refer to other information...' menu item, a submenu appears offering options to 'search...' Google, Yahoo!, etc. Instead of searching, the user can choose to 'look up...' the information in dictionaries and other online reference works including Wikipedia. The system works as a Web-based intermediary, with no download or plug-in required. The Liquid Group has also announced Version 4.0. It features keyboard navigation for more advanced users. This intuitive keyboard command language mimics the menu layout, allowing users to learn over time that, for example, searching Yahoo! can also be done by pointing to text and entering 'RSY', which corresponds to 'Refer to other information...', 'search...' and 'Yahoo!'.


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