The Great Bay Risk Intelligence Module Provides Transparent and Intuitive Risk Scoring for All Connected Devices

Apr 30, 2019

Great Bay Software, an IoT security, and operations leader, unveiled Great Bay Risk Intelligence, a new module released with version 6.2 of its Network Intelligence Platform. The innovative risk scoring technology arms enterprises with a highly relevant assessment of network-connected IT, IoT, and IoMT devices, while enabling security teams to quickly obtain granular device context in order to speed risk remediation.

Unlike legacy one-size scoring tools that deliver static "black box" reports, Great Bay Risk Intelligence leverages transparent scoring and enables custom configuration to ensure relevant and actionable assessments in real-time. Risk scores are calculated for each individual device and across all connected IoT devices, based on four critical endpoint factors: Operating Systems, Profile Identities, Device Communications, and ingested risk data from a company's third-party Integrations. Each factor can be weighted according to the customer's distinct needs and security considerations. In addition, the highly intuitive Risk Intelligence scoring interface supplies security professionals with a fully transparent understanding of risk factors – and the ability to drill down to the individual device level within 2-3 clicks.

In addition to the Risk Intelligence module, the 6.2 version of the Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform includes several new security and operational capabilities designed to deliver critical device visibility and enforcement, including:

  • Ecosystem Integration & Orchestration – Great Bay's open platform, APIs and data connectors enable bi-directional integration with other enterprise applications and security systems – an approach has the power to make all systems more efficient and effective, with a lower overall TCO.
  • Crowdsourced device detection and profiling capabilities – Powered by machine learning and advanced profiling capabilities, 6.2 customers have the opportunity to participate in a crowdsource network for faster identification and profiling of new device types.
  • Reporting & Analytics Server – Arms analysts with near real-time replication of production data for advanced risk modeling and testing, with no impact to production systems.  

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