The Geological Society of London Digitizes Its Journals and Other Content

Feb 16, 2007

The Geological Society of London has launched its digitized archive--the Lyell Collection, an online resource for the worldwide Earth science community. The Lyell Collection will be launched in May 2007 and represents the combined archive content of the Society's own journals, Special Publications, and book series--plus all current and forward content. The Lyell Collection features over 14,000 original research articles and 230,000 full-text pages. Articles from the mid-1800s can be found as well as those from the present day. All of Lyell's articles within the Collection will be open access--free to anyone, anywhere in the world with a computer and internet connection. The Lyell Collection will be hosted on Stanford University's HighWire Press as part of a new partnership agreement between HighWire and the Geological Society of London. The Lyell Collection will feature trial access during the summer--the first full subscription year being 2008. Any library wishing to subscribe in 2007 will receive full access from September.