The Gallup Organization Launches New "Tuesday Briefing" News Source

Dec 13, 2002

The Gallup Organization has launched The Gallup Poll Tuesday Briefing, a new subscription-based news service that provides a weekly summary and analysis of the latest proprietary Gallup Poll findings. The launch of Tuesday Briefing marks the first time The Gallup Organization is directly offering their polling data and analysis to the general public for use as a news source. The Tuesday Briefing service offers small businesses, libraries, schools, students, research firms, law firms, resource centers, journalists, financial analysts, and the general public an alternative to other news gathering services at a price of $95 for a one year subscription. The Gallup Poll Tuesday Briefing delivers original content articles focusing on topics relating to Government, Healthcare, Religion, Education, and Finance. Additionally, Tuesday Briefing subscribers can access the Gallup Archives, which contain more than six decades of Gallup Poll's public opinion surveys, poll results and analysis. Each Tuesday morning, subscribers receive 10 new summaries, two summaries for each subject in their inboxes. The summaries, written and edited by Gallup's editorial and polling analysis staff, offer a balanced and in depth look at Gallup's poll results. The Gallup Archive (also known as the "Gallup Brain") is a searchable record of more than 60 years of public opinion that contains responses to more than 125,000 questions asked by The Gallup Poll since 1935.