The Economist Intelligence Unit Re-Launches 'Industry Briefings'

May 05, 2006

The Economist Intelligence Unit has announced that it has re-launched Industry Briefings, a suite of Web sites that provide daily events analysis for 8 business sectors. Part of the Economist Intelligence Unit's ViewsWire family of Internet services, Industry Briefings provide five-year forecasts and news analysis for eight industries, along with background information. Industry Briefings cover the 60 major economies that account for more than 95% of world output and trade. The forecasts are based on data and analysis of sectoral trends.

The full suite of Industry Briefings consists of: Automotive Briefing; Consumer Goods Briefing; Energy Briefing; Financial Services Briefing; Food and Drinks Briefing; Healthcare Briefing; Telecoms and Technology Briefing; and Travel and Tourism Briefing. Enhancements to Industry Briefings include: More daily events analysis; new industry-specific data and forecasts; additional commodity forecasts for Automotive Briefing: steel, aluminium, rubber, copper, crude oil, lead, zinc; Energy Briefing: gas, crude oil; Food and Drinks Briefing: cocoa, coffee, sugar, tea, grains, oilseeds; Financial Services Briefing: gold; and Telecoms and Technology Briefing: semi-conductors, copper; deeper background analysis; and a new regular email alert service.