The Consortium Directory Goes Online

Oct 05, 2010

The Consortium Directory, originally published by Frontline GMS Ltd will become available as an online database in partnership with Ringgold Inc, creating a unique resource for the information industry. The new Directory, renamed the Consortium Directory Online (CDO) will include over 600 library consortia in 100 countries. It will include fully updated profiles of the consortia included in both Ringgold's Identify database and Frontline's Consortium Purchasing Directory, plus many new consortia.

The Consortium Directory Online (CDO) can be fully integrated with Ringgold's Identify database. The inclusion of Ringgold Identifiers for the member institutions, consortia themselves and for the publishers and vendors licensing to the consortium, will make it searchable in a wide variety of manners. Users will be able to search for consortia by name, region or country, by specific institutional member or publisher licensed, and by consortium type, membership type and subject specialty. They can download search results, and user-defined data into PDF or Excel. Profiles of consortia in the CDO will contain full contact information and member lists, plus publishers licensed, and a wealth of background information, including information about licensing criteria and the consortium structure.