The Boloto Group Introduces Library Card Software

Jan 04, 2005


The Boloto Group, an Arizona based technology firm, has introduced a free software called the Library Card. The Boloto Group was formed to resolve problems with the way the Internet was currently being used. The Library Card is an electronic pass that consumers use to access features of the Web by filling out a registration. With the Library Card, users have access to products, services, and entertainment ranging from online dating to career connections, personal finance to multi-lingual communications, and media.

Applications include LC Search and LC Index, a personal automated contact manager that keeps individuals and events up to date in real-time. The Library Line is a communication tool that, when fully implemented, is expected to allow users to talk or type, listen or read, and translate to the language of their choice instantly.. Community members will also be able to access tools and applications to manage their finances and business affairs. Registration for a Library Card is free and can be completed online.