The Authors Guild Files for Class Certification in Google Books Suit

Dec 14, 2011

The Authors Guild filed a motion for class certification in its first step on a new path of litigation after the rejection of the proposed Google Books Settlement, according to paidContent. A procedural step in any class-action lawsuit, the class certification ensures the lawsuit is brought on the behalf of all U.S. authors whose copyrighted work Google has scanned.

The position The Authors Guild is currently in is not much different from where it was when it initiated the lawsuit against Google in 2005, but publishers are no longer arm-in-arm with authors in the fight against Google. Instead, publishers have been working on separate settlement agreements with Google, according to a September status hearing on the case, leaving the authors to continue pursuing litigation on their own.

The Google Books Settlement had proposed a three-way partnership between Google, publishers, and authors, in which Google would sell out-of-print books and return a portion of the profits to publishers and authors of the books. Created through partnerships with libraries, the digital Google Books collection comprises more than 14 million titles.