The Atlantic Introduces Premium Membership

Sep 07, 2017

Today The Atlantic is introducing The Masthead, a premium membership that delivers exclusive stories, insights, and analysis from The Atlantic’s journalists and thinkers—built on a direct relationship with members. The Masthead is a distinctly new editorial offering—not simply more of, or different access to, The Atlantic’s existing work. Dedicated editors will rely on member input to directly shape coverage and answer their biggest questions, all while tapping The Atlantic’s newsroom and network of experts for exclusive stories and insights.

Founding memberships are available now to current Atlantic subscribers, and will be advertised more widely in the coming weeks.

The Masthead complements The Atlantic’s five other editorial platforms—the flagship 160-year-old magazine,, events, video, and audio—by offering an avenue through which The Atlantic’s readers can connect with its journalism on an intimate, personal level.

Like many publications, The Atlantic has seen its subscription business expand this year. According to the announcement, the magazine is now reaching the most subscribers to the magazine since the early 2000s (print subscriptions surpassed 570,000 in July 2017, +13% compared to 2H 2016). Despite an industry decline of 12% at the newsstand last year, The Atlantic also grew single-copy newsstand sales by 19%. audience increased 36% in the first half of 2017 over the same period last year, and topped a near-record 38 million monthly unique visitors in August.