The Atlantic Announces Expansion

Feb 22, 2018

The Atlantic announced plans for a significant and ambitious expansion across the company. The Atlantic President Bob Cohn shared the details in an all-staff town hall meeting with Editor in Chief Jeffrey Goldberg, and Atlantic Media Chairman David Bradley, minority owner, and operating partner of The Atlantic.  

According to an email statement, highlights from the announcement include:

  • The Atlantic is expanding across all divisions over the next 12-18 months with the greatest expansion in editorial. The overall staff will expand by as much as 100 -- a 30% growth -- with as much as half going to editorial.
  • Every division will be impacted:  product team will nearly double, new resources will be added to engineering, design, data, consumer marketing and sales.
  • As The Atlantic continues to grow and diversify revenue sources, it's continuing to explore and strategize around paid content coming off the successful launch of The Masthead last fall.
  • The Atlantic is also continuing to grow and diversify its client and advertising based revenue sources. In addition to continuing to grow its branded content studio and consultancy, The Atlantic is also doubling down on programmatic with new strategies and personnel.  
  • In addition, we are continuing to grow the Atlantic's flagship conference, Washington Ideas across days and venues throughout the nation's capital while growing our journalistic ambition.