The American Museum of the Moving Image Chooses Mirror Image

Jul 30, 2004

Mirror Image Internethas been selected as the hosting and streaming delivery provider for the American Museum of the Moving Image's new online exhibition The Living Room Candidate: Presidential Campaign Commercials 1952-2004, on display at The American Museum of the Moving Image, which launched July 1, 2004, is dedicated exclusively to the study of film, television, and digital media, and to examining their impact on American culture and society.

Presenting over 250 presidential campaign commercials dating from 1952 along with more recent Web-based advertisements, The Living Room Candidate exhibition includes streaming video, historical analysis, election results, and a searchable database. Hosted and delivered by Mirror Image's on-demand streaming solutions, visitors to the Museum's Web site are able to watch hours of political commercials while navigating among different election years, advertising formats, and issues. In an effort to demonstrate how advertising techniques and styles have evolved over the years, The Living Room Candidate includes such ads as the "Eisenhower Answers America" spots of 1952, the "Daisy Girl" ad from Lyndon Johnson's 1964 campaign, Ronald Reagan's "Morning in America" ads from 1984, and the attack ads run during George Bush's 1988 campaign. The exhibition also contains a selection of 2004 commercials, and a new section, The Desktop Candidate, which highlights the Web-based advertising medium.