Texterity Enhances Reporting and Tracking System

Mar 04, 2005

Texterity, Inc., a provider of systems and services for the creation, delivery, and tracking of digital editions of magazines, has introduced a substantial set of enhancements for its Texterity Reporting and Tracking System.

New features provided in the system include: Improved performance and scalability--A restructured database now supports generating over a million document page views per day. Demographic analysis--In addition to the IP address, ISP and/or company of origin, highly detailed demographic is now provided, including "drill down" views ranging from continent, sub-continent, state, and city. For North American users, additional information such as DMA (direct marketing area) code, ZIP code, and telephone area code are also provided. Country, Company, and ISP analysis--Shows which companies read your content, with detailed reports showing traffic by country of origin. Each visitor's click-stream is shown with a profile containing the country of origin of the user, the visitor's ISP, IP address, and a hotlink to an IP Lookup database. Corporations, government agencies, and universities are uniquely identified. Improved downloading and selection--All reports can be downloaded into Microsoft Excel or CSV file format, and specific time periods can be set based on data in the tracking database.

The enhancements add to the Texterity Reporting and Tracking system, which is available as part of the Texterity solution. The new capabilities do not require any additional software to be installed by either readers or publishers. Current customers will be upgraded to the new features this month.