Teragram Upgrades Mobile, “Conversational” Search System, MyGADs

Nov 30, 2007

Teragram, a provider ofmultilingual natural language processing technologies, announced a significantupgrade to MyGADs.com, a new service that allows anybody to create, access, andshare personalized information through the web, cell phone text message, orthrough IM chat. MyGADs is a conversational system that lets itsmembers "talk" to select applications—such as a calendar—either on a mobiledevice or online. Users interact with the system by entering natural languagequeries into a simple chat window. In addition, enterprise users can download anew BlackBerry application for MyGADs that installs the program directly on totheir mobile device, eliminating the need to connect to a mobile Web browser.The MyGADs upgrade includes a new online user interface, which consists ofeasily movable icons, or widgets, that represent customizable GAD applications.Unique to MyGADs is the natural language chat function of the program, whichallows users to search the information they’ve stored in the GAD by asking itquestions or entering statements. This function can be used for mobile andBlackBerry users to get quick answers to their questions.