Teragram Unveils TK240 Version 5 Taxonomy Management Software

May 20, 2005

Teragram, a provider of multilingual natural language processing technologies, has announced the general availability of Teragram TK240 Version 5, the company's flagship taxonomy management software. Teragram TK240 Version 5 allows content management specialists to develop, test, and deploy taxonomies using Teragram's categorization and concept extraction technology that is designed to enable faster and more accurate classification of vast amounts of information in real-time.

Teragram TK240 Version 5 analyzes document contents and organizes them into flat or hierarchical taxonomies, as defined by administrators. The visual environment of Version 5 is intended to enable administrators to quickly and easily add new categories or concepts to a taxonomy, allowing the flow of information within an organization to change as needs and trends shift. Teragram TK240 Version 5 offers a range of benefits to taxonomy developers, including a fast, intuitive graphical interface enabling efficient and effortless taxonomy development, testing, and deployment. Teragram's taxonomy management and linguistic processing engines means it has applications in virtually all areas, including business intelligence, work-flow management, and document tagging.