Teragram Announces Sentiment Analysis Manager

Jun 02, 2009

Teragram, a division of SAS Institute Inc. and a provider of multilingual natural language processing technologies, announced the launch of its Sentiment Analysis Manager (SAM), a social media analysis tool that computes the sentiment of digital text and captures information that enables brand managers to see what their end-users are writing about their products. SAM is a hybrid system that combines both a statistical method for computing reviews as well as a rules-based approach that lets brand managers evaluate specific terms and syntaxes. SAM computes the review sentiment from mainstream sites as well as social media outlets like blogs and Twitter messages, and captures the overall opinion of the combined assessments. SAM also analyzes the number of stars in a product rating to extract the general consumer reaction to that product, and searches and evaluates both positive and negative phrases in reviews for a more detailed breakdown of these online evaluations. Users can extrapolate this information from SAM to create color-coded graphs to understand exactly what these online posts mean in terms of the overall tone of coverage of their brand.