Tenth Floor’s Spectrum Manages Digital Assets

Oct 13, 2006

Tenth Floor LLC, a global provider of Web Content Management (WCM) software, has announced a new version of its Web Content Management Software, BASE-10. Called Spectrum, this latest version offers several new features designed to make management of websites and digital assets easier to administer.

New features in Spectrum include enhanced: Drag-n-Drop digital asset manager, direct website edit, enhanced LDAP and ADAM integration, updated user interface design, online flash help tutorials, list caching in email marketing and ecommerce, and new features in the digital asset management module. BASE-10 Spectrum also includes search engine compatibility, Section 508 and mobile phone compliance.

Tenth Floor's BASE-10 suite includes six modules--web content management, digital asset management, intranet portal management, knowledge management, ecommerce and email marketing--which allow organizations to take complete ownership of their website and online marketing efforts. Spectrum will launch in December.